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Android Casinos for Australians 2016

The smartphone has already revolutionized everyday human life and continues to do so in ways that would have been unimaginable a couple of decades ago, and that includes playing online casino games on your Android powered smartphone and tablet device. 

There is a mobile app for everything these days, you can order food, watch movies, book event tickets, video chat, share multimedia, edit photographs, play games and maybe even find your soulmate with the use of these applications. Mobile apps can be developed rapidly and are getting better by the day.

Android powered devices from manufacturers like Samsung and HTC hold a large market share in Australia. This site is dedicated to helping our visitors find the best Android casinos and bonuses for their particular device.

Best Android Casino Apps in Australia

iPhone VS Android

When it comes to the smartphones of today, there is an ongoing and never ending debate between the masses about whether the iPhone is a better device or if Android devices are superior. Many technological wizards have shared their expert opinions on the subject and even they do not seem to be in agreement with each other, some favor Apple’s iPhone while others think Android is the way to go.

Android Edges Apple In Australia

Statistically speaking, Android has taken over the throne from the iPhone in Australia. Android sales overtook iPhone sales in the first quarter of 2015. It has been estimated that approximately 60% of Australian cell phone users are Android users. According to the Kantar world panel, this Android user base percentile in Australia is much greater in comparison to Europe and the United States of America.

% of Android users in AustraliaMost Popular Android devices in Australia (by sales 2014)Number of available Android real money slotsNumber of real money Android casinos
60% of all handheld device users. Appr. 1400 Appr. 600

Mobile Networks (3G and 4G) vs Wi-Fi – Pros and Cons

3G networks also offer both voice and data, but unlike 2G, the data capacities and speeds are vastly improved. 3G networks today have speeds of up to 20mbps which allows for snappy internet on the go.

Casino games at super-fast 4G speeds

4G is the latest and fastest mobile network in production being used by the general public. When it was initially released in Europe, it offered speeds between 5 and 15 mbps but now there are 4G networks that are as fast as 100mbps.

Playing on Wi Fi and security concerns on Wi Fi networks

Wi Fi is wireless technology wherein devices within a certain proximity to the modem\router can connect to the internet. These connections are often fast and reliable.

There are some security concerns so we strongly recommend not using public or open\unsecure Wi Fi networks to play android casino games.

Remember that you may be transmitting sensitive information like a credit card number, your address etc.

Best Android Devices for Playing Casino Games

Android casino apps and browser games are mostly low requirement flash games that do not need too much processing power. However, this does not mean that these games are pixelated or have bad graphics, the look and feel of some of these games are state of the art. It’s just that they do not necessarily need Quad core or Dual Core processors to work. Even a low\mid-range android device should suffice for the job. Here are some of the devices that we tested multiple android casino games on.

  • OnePlus Two: the device is termed the 2016 flagship killer and costs lesser than half of what a Samsung Galaxy S6 will cost you, it ran all games we tested on it like a dream.
  • HTC one: the HTC one houses a Snapdragon 600 under the hood. The 4.7 inch display is crisp and the capacitive touch was very responsive indeed.
  • Samsung Galaxy S2: The Galaxy S2’s super AMOLED display makes it an absolute pleasure to play games on. The S2 is fueled by a purposeful Dual-core processor that is more than capable of doing the job.
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 tab: The S2 tab houses a luxurious 9.7” screen which makes playing casino games so much easier. You don’t have to squint to see the finer details nor do you have to worry about accidentally touching the wrong selection on the screen thanks to its roomy and utilitarian display.

Should I Play Apps Or Instant Games?

Casino developers have for the most part have moved away from Apps because of operating system independent technology – HTML5, which enables them to deliver high quality games seamlessly and with no need for downloading apps or software.

So you get three types of Android Casinos:

  1. Completely instant play - Everything happens inside your web browser, which can be Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. Games are downloaded on the fly.  Pros: Secure. Takes up little or no space, always get the latest version of games and software. Cons: In our opinion none until someone develops a casino app that delivers better quality than HTML5. Another pro – no notifications!
  2. Apps, downloaded from casino website or the Appstore - Pros: Some people just like apps. Cons: Irritating app updates.  Even more irritating notifications.
  3. Hybrid casinos - these use a simple App “shell” but the games are loaded using HTML5. Pros: Casino is bookmarked on your phone screen and you get updates like promotions.  Cons: Irritating app notifications unless you of course turn them off.

There are rumors of some developers going back to Apps but to our knowledge this will be for very specific games only.

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Android Casino FAQ

Do you have to run the latest version of the Android OS?
No. however, it is recommended that you update your Android device often for optimal performance.
Is Android secure?
Yes Android is secure and has an internationally well-knit support network that will address any issues you may have.
How do I make a deposit or withdrawal from my Android Phone or Tablet?
Making and receiving payments on your Android phone is fairly simple and hassle free. You can use your VISA, Master Card or most other debit and credit cards. You also have the option of using e-wallets. Payments are usually processed within 24-48 hours.
How Do I Know Which Games are fair?
We suggest that you research any game before you commit to it. Google it, read reviews about it and keep an eye out for red flags. It is best to stick to some of the games we have mentioned here.
Are mobile casinos legal in Australia?
The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 bans real money mobile gaming applications in Australia, but it is perfectly legal for Australian citizens to use\access real money gaming services from servers overseas.
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